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Thread: Installation on new OS

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    Installation on new OS

    I am currently running Squeeze PRO on OSX Lion. I would like to install this now on a OSX Mavericks partition, can anybody outline the correct way to do this please?
    Also I have tried using software update and this tells me I have the latest version, although I am aware there is version 8.5.1 PRO available - would this be available to me, or would I have to pay for version 8.5.1 PRO?
    Many thanks for any help.

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    A new OS is treated just the same as a new computer. When you would like to install Squeeze on another computer you must first deactivate your previous copy of Squeeze by going to the Help menu in Squeeze and click 'Deactivate Squeeze.' Once your previous copy of Squeeze is deactivated you will be able to reinstall on your new OS.

    Squeeze 8.5.1 is a free update to Squeeze 8.5. You can download the 8.5.1 installer here: www.sorensonmedia.com/downloads

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    Thanks for the information. I have updated to 8.5.1 and all is good, my mp4s now stay in sync!!

    Now I just need to install on Mavericks, I will de- activate on Lion, then do I use the 8.5.1 installer ? Or is that just a patch ( it was only 125MB ) .. What do I enter to activate the new install, just my serial number ? And that will activate the Pro options too ?

    Sorry to ask so much but I don't want any down time with Sorenson not available.

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    Yes the 125MB download is the full program. These days 125MB seems very small indeed. :)

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    1) I'm running 8.5 on a MacBook Pro with OS 6.8. Is there any advantage to de-activating the licence and re-installing on my other (identical) MacBook Pro that already uses Mavericks?
    2) How do I determine if I currently own Squeeze Standard or Squeeze Pro?

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