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Thread: DnxHD 1080 59.97i footage to Mpeg 2 looks choppy and desaturated

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    DnxHD 1080 59.97i footage to Mpeg 2 looks choppy and desaturated


    I've exported a QT Reference file of a 1080, 59.97i, 601 color (not RGB) project created in Avid MC. I started with the DVD_PS_NTSC preset and have made several variations of it to try to create a "clean" version of an Mpeg 2 file for a DVD. The best results I've been able to make look like it's had a 3:2 pulldown applied, and a weird fielding effect which causes odd edges on moving elements (especially graphics). The footage also seems desaturated from the source material.

    In my experiments, I've imported the same QT Reference file into Sony Vegas 13 and have gotten good results after making sure that the project settings and export settings were all set to see 59.97/29.97 upper field first. The chroma quality is also what I expected to see.

    I took the settings available in the Vegas export and matched them as best I could to a new preset in SS9, but was left with the same "stuttering" movement I've had in my best attempts, and still low chroma. I've tried progressive and upper field first, both with and without a deinterlace filter added.

    The best preset I've created is a 2-pass VBR, upper field first, file. I've put a deinterlace filter on the source file that uses the "Blend" method. (When trying to figure out what the methods meant, the best your help file provided was "through different methods." It would have been more helpful if there was something a bit more in depth.)

    I'm hoping you can provide some suggestions for getting a DVD ready Mpeg 2 file from the DNxHD source. I'd much prefer to use Squeeze and set up batches to run over night than to sit through individual renders through Sony.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    As an update, I modified my export settings out of the Avid to change the QT Reference file to RGB 16-235 and modified the preset to see the RGB. This has made the chroma level what I expect to see.

    I'm still seeing the stuttering effect. Among the things I'd like to try would be to make sure that SS9 sees the incoming media as upper-field first and not progressive scan, as it seems to me to be a fielding issue. This effect happens both with the QT reference and also with a full QT build of the file.

    Again, thanks for any help you can offer.

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