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Thread: Really poor quality from WMV to MP4....

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    Really poor quality from WMV to MP4....

    I am trying to convert some WMV files created by my screen capture program into MP4, but the results are far from consistent.

    First, the WMVs look good. No problems there, except I cannot bring them into Avid MC.

    So, I'm trying to use Sorenson Squeeze 8.5 to convert them, and the quality is very poor.

    I tried creating a custom preset, and I got one copy that looked as good as the original, but as soon as I applied that SAME preset to another WMV, the result was rubbish (pixelated) and now I keep getting the same result.

    I might be thicker than a whale omelette when it comes to video codecs, but what the hell am I doing wrong?!!

    ANY help much appreciated!

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    Do you have the same issue when using default MP4 presets?

    Can you post your custom settings you are using which are giving you a pixelized output?

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