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Thread: Line in bottom of video

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    Line in bottom of video

    I have been rendering video using a variety of settings for output and I am noticing a small line of light colored video at the bottom of the screen. It seems like the bottom 2 or 3 scan lines. My original source video is HDV video being edge cropped during import in to Avid MC 3.5. When I am finished editing I am rendering mostly WMV files for later use. It doesn't seem to matter what output I am using it still contains this area of light colored video. Any ideas?

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    Same issue

    I have been having the same issue and am unsure how to fix it. Very bottom of any video I put through Sorenson Squeeze (6) has a thin semi-transparent line. As the original post was created in 2010 and now it is 2012 I'm hoping someone has an answer.

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    The original file probably had 486 lines but only 480 actually had video. It is not uncommon for the extra 6 lines in SD video to have no video. You will either need to crop the file in a NLE program or apply a crop filter in Squeeze.
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