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Thread: 16x9 encoding and DVD Studio Pro issues

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    16x9 encoding and DVD Studio Pro issues

    If anyone can help it will be greatly appreciated. First, I'm trying to encode 16x9 (1920x1080p) quicktime source material files to mpeg-2 for distribution on DVD. Every time I try, I either get my 16x9 source video resized and squashed up to a 4:3 image or it ends up being 4:3 in letterbox. However, I want the finished file to be anamorphic so that it fills the screen on an HDTV. How do I do this?

    Second, when I do get a finished m2v file and I try to open it in Apple's DVD studio pro, I get an error message that says it's an "Incompatible Format". Any one else have the same issue? This software is useless to me if I can't author in DVD studio.

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    If you are attempting to encode for DVD output, you will need to use our DVD ISO Image preset. You will not be able to output a 1920x1080 file if you are creating a file to be burned to DVD. The DVD standard mandates a 720x480 frame size. However, you can choose whether it outputs a 4x3 or a 16x9 by modifying the Pixel Aspect Ratio in the advanced preset settings.

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    I've also experience this problem in the Squeeze 8 upgrade. My Squeeze 7 happily outputted a DVD Disc Burn (PAL, ES), 16:9, 720x576, from 1920x1080i/p and 1440x1080i/p source files. However, my Squeeze 8 upgrade outputs the same files in 4:3 Aspect Ratio. Also, the Frame Size options of "Same As Source" and "Maintain Aspect Ration", are both greyed out in Squeeze 8. If my memory serves me correct, this was not the case in Squeeze 7.

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    To change the aspect ratio click the "Advanced button" in the preset settings then change the "Aspect Ratio" option from "4:3" to "16:9" (as Sebastian stated above).

    You cannot use the "Same as Source" or "Maintain Aspect Ratio" as NTSC DVD video is ONLY 720 x 480. These options were never available in the DVD preset in Squeeze 7 either (nor would you want to use them).

    You can also find some 16:9 aspect ratio DVD presets here:

    For use with DVD Studio Pro:

    Direct to disc:
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    I just had a similar experience: I was using Squeeze 8 for the first time. I selected the 16:9 AR DVD preset indicated above and my 16:9 source media came out in a 720x480 frame with pillar boxing. The pixel aspect ratio was indeed set to 16:9, and changing it had no effect at all. I'd also never experienced this problem with my previous version, even though I thought I was following the same workflow. Eventually, though, I realized that this was not the case: it was also the first time that my source media was ProRes from FCP X, whereas I'd previously used HDV from FCP 7. So, I tested an old HDV clip and it worked properly. Ultimately, I brought my ProRes file into FCP 7, re-exported it as HDV, compressed it in Squeeze 8, and got the desired output. I was happy to discover the workaround and get my project out, but I believe there is some sort of compatibility issue and trust that it will get resolved.

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