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Thread: MPEG2 transport stream w/ PCM audio?

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    MPEG2 transport stream w/ PCM audio?

    I've seen this asked about (but not answered) elsewhere. Currently evaluating Squeeze for purchase per a client's request:

    MPEG2 transport stream w/ MPEG2 video muxed w/ PCM audio. This is for HD delivery to a satellite broadcast outlet.

    I realize this is a very 'unique' workflow but I know it can be done. Somehow. I've read elsewhere that this has been requested by Fox as well as Euro broadcast facilities.

    So - unless this can be addressed, it's a deal-breaker for me moving forward w/ Squeeze. While I realize this scalable software is very deep and robust, I currently need it to do JUST 1 THING.

    Any and all input appreciated!

    Linear PCM is available elsewhere within QT and ProRes presets. The HDTV presets provide MPEG-PCM which is not passing muster w/ their QC.

    SO - how best to customize a preset or have this included in an update?
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    MPEG-PCM is the only PCM audio codec available for MPEG files in Squeeze.

    What about the MPEG PCM audio is not "passing muster" with them?
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    Hey Jeff,

    From what I gather, they don't like that it's a proprietary form of PCM compression and getting flagged as too 'lossy'. Therefore it kinda defeats the point of PCM in that it's supposed to be uncompressed. Classic oxymoron - fresh frozen, jumbo shrimp, military intelligence. Ya know?

    I'll see if they're open to other codecs within the TS wrapper. I've gotten many reasons why this combo isn't offered by other vendors. Is it possible to find out why this isn't being offered by Sorensen?

    Manzanita Systems has now reversed course on this codec pairing because it's within Netflix deliverables and people are requesting MPEG2 ts w/ PCM.


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