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Thread: flickering lines at top of video

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    flickering lines at top of video

    Weíre having some technical issues with Sorenson Squeeze 8. Please could you point me in the right direction for some assistance? Iíve scoured Google, Avid and these Squeeze forums but to no avail. Weíre getting flickering lines at the top of the screen after encoding to MP4, hereís an example:


    We can put a couple of lines of black at the top in Avid and encode it that way but itís an extra pain. Iíve tried encoding using the Deinterlace filter - and not using the Deinterlace filter - but I get the same results. Iíve also tried all of the different .h264 codecs and they all produce the same results. We never had this issue with the old version of Sorenson Squeeze 6. Any ideas?

    Cheers for any help!

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    This usually happens if you export a video with 486 lines of resolution but your source file only contains 480 lines of video. This gives you garbage in the extra six lines. Try exporting your video out of Avid using the source resolution.

    It looks like your timeline might have videos of different frame sizes. You might be able to get Avid to fix this for you automatically by exporting a self enclosed (non-reference) mov file before bringing your video into Squeeze.

    To contact Tech Support directly please fill out a ticket here:
    Jeff Udall
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    Thanks for the reply Jeff, I'll give that a go to test. But if I have to export a non-reference mov file every time I want to encode that is going to be an absolute PITA! At this stage I'm thinking about uninstalling v8 and going back to v5. :(

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    Well, exporting a full size QT solves the flickering but it's just not a feasible option as the file size is 9GB for a three minute video. I have now uninstalled Squeeze 8 and am back to using Squeeze 5.

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    Sorenson 9 YouTube_1080p preset issues

    We're exporting quick time reference files from Avid and encoding them in Sorenson - we've been doing this for 7 years.
    Encoded mp4s play okay up to a point and then freeze, grey screen and crash.
    We traced the source to Sorenson because the source files encode okay on our other Avid PC.
    Whilst encoding we noticed that Sorenson is creating tons of files, when on the other PC it only creates a couple of files.
    We tried rebooting and reinstalling Sorenson but the issue persists.
    It seems to just be that one YouTube_1080p preset, because if we load a YouTube-720p mp4 preset and adjust it up to 1920x1080 it seems to work okay.
    Any ideas or info on this? Apart from keep using the adjusted 720p preset, which we'll obviously do in the meantime...

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    This issue has been addressed in a direct support ticket.

    The multiple files are normal unless they DON'T disappear after the encode is done.
    Make sure the presets are set back to their defaults. The only difference between the 720 and 1080 presets is the data rate, unless there were modifications made to that preset.

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