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Thread: Embed videos on SSL pages

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    Embed videos on SSL pages

    How can I embed videos in a way where they will actually show up on ssl pages? Simply changing http to https in the javascript src doesn't do the trick and there is absolutely no documentation that I can find about this topic.

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    No, you cannot embed a 360 embed code in a secure web page because the video player cannot be sent securely.

    You can send the video streams over HTTPS but you would have to make your own Flash or HTML5 player and use the 360 API
    Jeff Udall
    Tech Support Manager
    Sorenson Media

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    We deployed an update several months ago that enables embedding videos on SSL pages. Please see [URL="http://forum.sorensonmedia.com/forum/content.php?490-HTTPS-Support-for-Embed-codes"]this entry[/URL] in our knowledge base for more information.

    Andrew Ashbacher
    Director, Product Management
    Sorenson Media

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