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Thread: Dynamically creating folders.

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    Dynamically creating folders.


    We are currently testing Squeeze 8.5 to see if we can use it to replace our existing encoding system. However we seem to have run into a fail issue right at the start.

    We currently encode a number of different video formats for our clients: H-264 for Android. H-264 for iPhone adaptive. Smooth stream adaptive, WMV, WebM. Plus a few others depending on the client. Our CMS's create the URLs for items based on a fixed folder structure. Which involves the encoding system being able to generate folders dynamically.

    Output folder/filename/filename_IP/filename_MIF.m3u8 for iPhone adaptive content.
    Output folder/filename/filename_WMV/filename_1096.wmv for Windows media files.

    The suffixs are not an issue as we can make these by naming the presets to our requirements. However we can not find a way to dynamically create the folders.

    Is it possible to create the folders with Squeeze 8.5?

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    No, squeeze will not create folders for you. I think the only exception to that is adaptive output, where we create a folder structure for different renditions and manifest files, but that one is not customizable and uses constant naming convention that has to do with source file name. May be you could write a program that will scan the directory with sources and create correct output folders for them and then invoke squeeze to compress to the same directory as source and then move outputs to correct locations?

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