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Thread: Burning DVDs from Squeeze

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    Burning DVDs from Squeeze

    If you have encoded in Squeeze and saved the job in a folder as an m2v file without actually burning it to disc at the time, can you import that job back into Squeeze to burn it later? There doesn't seem to be an option to "burn it" as opposed to "squeeze it".

    Also, I have an 85 minute film in Avid 6.5 that I exported as a QuickTime Reference file, imported into Sorenson 8, have tried to Squeeze it, but it always freezes before the end and creates a corrupt file which has to be deleted from the Avid MXF file directory before Avid will work again. As an experiment, I broke the film down into shorter sections and each one worked individually, but when I put it all back together and tried again, it froze before the end as before. There shouldn't be an issue with the length of the film in Sorenson Squeeze, should there?

    Chris Swanton

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    In Squeeze 8 you can use a DVD ISO Image preset. This won't burn the DVD for you, but it will produce an ISO image that you can burn at any time with whatever 3rd party DVD burning tool you may have.

    In Squeeze 9 you can postpone the publishing stage of a job (compress without publishing). So, you can compress, view the output files, then toggle the job into ready to publish state and complete the DVD burning (still have to push the Squeeze It button to do this).

    The second issue is unrelated and sounds like a bug. Consider filing a support ticket, or you may try Squeeze 9 trial to see if the bug still exists there.
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