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Thread: Timecode filter not taking data from QT movie

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    Absolutely agree. This is a very basic requirement that should have been implemented long ago.
    Also the lack of options for TC position is laughable, not even a choice for bottom-centre. You should be able to put the TC anywhere.
    Plus why can you only have 3 fonts and nothing smaller than 6 points.
    And the first leading 0 on the hour is missing.
    It looks totally amateur.

    Whilst I'm ranting:
    What about the ability to add a mask and retain the original ratio?
    And under Watermark there should be a quick and simple Text based watermark such as adding a persons name to a file.

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    It is also inconvenient for me the lack of options TC - position in the video and in particular the impossibility of setting the beginning of the TC.
    About TC not loaded from a source not to mention.


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    No True TimeCode

    Attn: Client Support

    Have the timecode issues reported / the features requested & pleaded for since 2012 finally been resolved/added to Squeeze? I'm trying to encode MPEG2 HD & SD files for ExtremeReach with closed-captioning. I've been unable to do so because no matter what I do, Squeeze keeps changing my starting TC to 00:00:00:00 even though my source files have TC starting at 01hr. I must be doing something wrong, right? I mean, how on earth can this still be an issue half way through 2014?! This is not even a real feature request, we're simply asking that the software read the existing timecode track (SMPTE, LTC, VITC, whatever…) embedded in the metadata of the source file. How can you possibly claim to support closed-captioning when you don't support true TimeCode? If I have to go into some other software to change the TC to 00hr start, then I might as well stay in that software program - which essentially makes Squeeze useless to me!

    I've tried "TimeCode Pass Thru" which still defaults to 00hr and the other TC filter is simply for BITC even though it, too, doesn't read the actual TC of the source file.

    Please tell me I"m missing something cos this is unbelievably frustrating!

    Thank you.
    ~ EsKay

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